NSS Unit


The National service scheme is an Indian government sector Public Service program conducted by the Ministry of youth affairs and sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in the in Gandhiji’s Centenary in the year 1969. Aimed at developing student’s personality through community service. NSS is a voluntary Association of young people in colleges, Universities and at plus two level working for campus community especially (villages) linkage.

Its motto

“Not me but you

NSS activities:


Stage shows or a procession creating Awareness of such issues as social problems, education and cleanliness

Awareness rallies

Inviting doctors for health camps

Community Survey

NSS manual:

1.Study of philosophy of NSS

  1. Basic concepts and components of NSS
  2. National service scheme volunteers
  3. Special camping program
  4. Fundamental rights Directive Principles of State Policy
  5. Awareness programme consumer awareness highlights of consumer act
  6. Environment and treatment and conservation
  7. Health, Family Welfare and nutrition

NSS Committee

  1. B.B.Suggamad               Principal and Chairman
  2. Prof S.S.Upanal           Member
  3. Prof A.Veena                Member
  4. Prof S.S.Patil                Member
  5. Prof G.G.Patil               Member
  6. Prof M.N.Goudar         Member
  7. Prof S.R.Kalyanshetti  Member
  8. Dr Radhika M                Member
  9. Shri Mahantesh Jigalur Member
  10. T.M.Kulkarni                              NSS Programme Officer Unit-I
  11. K.D.Biradar                                 NSS Programme Officer Unit-II
  12. Kumari Sharanamma Bellihal           Student Representative
  13. Kumari Akshata Kadiwal                    Student Representative

NSS Officer


Prof. K.D.Biradar