Women Empowerment Cell

S V M Arts and commerce college for Women's

Women Empowerment Cell

The college has established and Women Empower Cell in the college campus to empower and safe guard the rights of female students, staff and non teaching staff in the college. The Cell works to promote gender sensitivity in the college and conduct diverse programme to educate, sensitize both male and female students and create a harmonious atmosphere on the campus.

The cell is active in conducting Guest Lectures and awareness programmes on various subjects related to women empowerment. All the girl students of the college are participating in the programs conducted. Cultural activities are conducted to exhibit the talent of girl students.


To empower women to realize their potential and competancy for equal opportunities in building a successful career.


  • To uplift the girl socially and intellectually, the cell conduct various programme.
  • To empower them in raising their voice against gender discrimination.
  • To provide a platform for girl and women to share their experiences and views.
  • To educate girl students on women specific health issues and measures to be taken.

Organizes the following programmes/ Activities:

  • Special Lecture
  • Certificate course
  • Health awareness programme
  • Legal awareness programme
  • Gender equity programme etc.


Committee List

  1. B B Suggamad Principal              Chairman
  2. S R Kalyanashetti                       Coordinator
  3. S S Upanal                                  Member
  4. P.R. Patil                                  Member
  5. Dr Radhika                           Member
  6. Kumari Sukanya Bijjal        Student Member