Red Ribbon Cell/ Club

This is started by the Government of India in schools and colleges. Through this students will make awareness over HIV/ AIDS. This is internationally recognized as a symbol of the struggle against HIV/ AIDS. It has carried out wide range of activities and trainees programs like Blood Donation Camp, Awareness Programs and Healthy Living.


  • To make awareness among the youth about deadly disease the HIV/ AIDS.
  • To reduce new occurrences of HIV infection among youth.
  • To impart skills on self protection, negotiation and group interaction.
  • To encourage Blood Donations.
  • To prepare youth as educators.


Red Ribbon Cell/ Club Committee

1.Prof. B.B.Suggamad                             Principal and Chairman

2.Dr. Radhika M                                    Coordinator

3.Prof.T.M.Kulakarni                             Member

4.DrL.R.Rajapur                                     Member